Product Information

The warm and sensual aroma of this Maison Alhambra Pacific Blue 30ml unisex fragrance captures the essence of sun and sea breeze, with notes of freshly cut flowers and tropical fruits. Designed for energetic and determined individuals, it revitalizes without weariness.

Maison Alhambra Pacific Blue 30ml captures the warm, welcoming scent of sun and sea breeze, with hints of fresh flowers and tropical fruits. This unisex fragrance is perfect for energetic people who don’t tire easily.

The blend of neroli and blooming orange trees wakes up the senses and boosts energy. This unisex fragrance offers a refreshing sea breeze that comforts, creating a peaceful vibe for those who need a moment of calm.

Warm amber notes add depth and smoothness. Like precious pearls, it brings a soft, charming touch with a light, airy feel.

Warm amber notes bring depth and sophistication, adding a touch of lightness and softness. Like precious pearls, Neroli Portofino captivates with its alluring charm and delicate elegance.



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