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a captivating description of a fragrance! The aroma seems to embody the essence of a true champion with its energy, freshness, and adrenaline. It appears to be a unique and stylish blend, radiating originality and joy of life. Let’s break down the notes:

Top Notes:
– Grapefruit
– Bergamot
– Thyme
– Lemon
– Galbanum
– Lime
– Wormwood

These initial notes promise a seductive and sensual experience, combining the zesty and fresh scents of citrus fruits with the earthy and herbal undertones of thyme and wormwood.

Middle Notes:
– Bergamot (second mention, may be a typo)
– Rose
– Vetiver
– Pink Pepper
– Cypress
– Juniper
– Blackcurrant
– Jasmine
– Cedar
– Apple

The middle notes bring a mystical and enchanting quality to the fragrance, blending floral and woody elements. Rose and jasmine add a touch of elegance and allure, while vetiver, pink pepper, and cedar provide depth and richness.

Base Notes:
– Vanilla
– Incense
– Leather
– Benzoin
– Amber

The base notes anchor the fragrance, offering a warm and inviting character. The combination of vanilla and benzoin creates a comforting and sweet aura, while incense and amber add a touch of mystery and sensuality. The presence of leather further enhances the fragrance’s masculine appeal.

Overall, this composition sounds like a beautifully balanced and sophisticated fragrance, destined to become a classic. The bottle’s design, especially with the stone-encrusted aroma stopper, adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness, reflecting the scent’s masculine character. It’s no doubt that this fragrance would be a treasure to wear and experience.



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