Product Information

This potent blend has been meticulously crafted to wrap you in a captivating embrace of spiced smoke.

As you embark on this olfactory journey, the top notes of mandarin, coriander, and cumin will gently caress your senses, leaving a trail of zesty and aromatic sensations on your skin.

The heart of the fragrance unveils a velvety tapestry of tobacco, leather, and labdanum, bestowing a sense of opulence and sophistication to the composition.

At the core of this remarkable scent, incense, sandalwood, and agarwood take center stage, infusing the blend with an alluring and deep character. These base notes exude warmth and a soothing sweetness that lingers gracefully on your skin.

Tobacco D’ Feu is a true masterpiece, a symphony of fragrance notes that harmoniously dance together to create a unique and unparalleled experience. Surrender to its spellbinding allure, and let this scent take you on a journey of refinement and luxury, unlike any other citrus fragrance you have encountered before.

Top notes – cumin, coriander, mandarins.

Middle notes – tobacco, leather, labdanum.

Main notes – incense, sandalwood, agarwood.



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