Product Information

Paris Corner proudly presents Glorify perfume, a perfect olfactory experience that will light up your senses. Inspired by Tiziana Terenzi’s famous Gumin, Glorify transports you to a world of boundless refinement and elegance.

The top notes welcome you with a burst of freshness and vitality. Mandarin, pineapple, orange and bergamot mix in a vibrant dance, bringing a smile to your face and a feeling of pure joy.

The heart of the perfume reveals a sublime combination of ozonic notes, violet, amber, jasmine and rose. This olfactory bridge leads you to the depths of elegance, emphasizing your unique grace and style.

The fragrance culminates with the base notes, revealing a masterful combination of musk, sandalwood, birch and agarwood. This charming and enveloping foundation leaves a memorable mark, emphasizing the depth and complexity of your personality.



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