Product Information

Black Cuir Private is a captivating fragrance by ArabicScent, evoking the allure of rich leather and oriental sensuality. Let’s explore its aromatic symphony:

  1. Top Notes: The scent opens with a soft yet distinct leather note, which quickly intertwines with oud. A delicate sweetness emerges from vanilla, complemented by a slightly amber-like quality.
  2. Heart Notes: The fragrance deepens with the warmth of benzoin and the woody elegance of sandalwood.
  3. Base Notes: The base reveals a subtle spiciness, akin to faint black pepper. Coriander adds a touch of complexity, enhancing the overall composition.

Black Cuir Private is a unisex perfume that celebrates the primal allure of leather. Whether you’re a man or a woman, this fragrance invites you to embrace your individuality and sensuality.



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